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Set up a Private Blog Network

Planning is important before setting up any private blog network.

Learn how PBN works

Group of websites that are used to promote and generate more traffic.

Create post without footprints

To build an effective private blog network, you need to cover your trucks


Today we’re going to talk about PBNs and the best way to build them. Most people have no experience building PBNs and if they do manage to build them, a factor to consider is finding time to manage the PBNs.

That is why we are a done-for-you service provider who will do everything for you, starting with building the PBNs, to managing them and even hosting them for you. If you want high traffic on your blog or website, or you want your blog or website to rank higher in Google (or another) search Engine Result Page(SERPs) then you need to start paying attention and consider building a private blog network or have us do it for you. There is a thin line that renders the use of PBNs legal and acceptable by Google or illegal and unwanted by Google.

Google has a way of knowing the legality of the techniques employed in generating traffic by simply classifying the technics as either white or black Hats. Unfortunately, too many PBNs always fall in the black hat techniques, which are not acceptable by Google but when utilized well, PBNs can be a very effective tool and a wealthy traffic generator.

Rules for building PBNs

Here are some rules to consider when building an authentic private blog network;

Avoid using the same domain registrar for all your domains as those domains will be traced back to you hence creating a footprint.

Use various hosting providers.

Create relevant content that is unique and not duplicated from other sites. Google penalizes copied content.

Do research to make sure that you get the best metrics to use for your domains. The better the site metrics, the more trust, and other seo juice, your domain will pass to your money sites.

Be sure that you have at least 10 of your last blog posts visible on your home page.

Avoid using too many links on a single page.

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How do you set up a private Blog Network?

Planning is important before setting up any private blog network. Think of the following before you create or seek help in creating your private blog network.

  • How many backlinks are do you need to help your website or blog rank highly in search engines? For example, if you think you need a dozen high powered backlinks, then you should setup at least a dozen domains to use with your PBN.
  • What are the costs or starting and maintaining the PBN?
  • What is the theme and structure of your PBN?
  • Who will manage, maintain and update it?

How PBNs work

Here are some rules to consider when building an authentic private blog network;


Private blog networks are a group of websites that are used to promote and therefore to generate more traffic to a money site (the ultimate destination website you’re using to make money). Think of PBN as a group of websites, all with similar niche that compliment or support your primary site (your money site).

Pet Supplies is our primary website (money site) for this case, and all of the domains you setup to support our money site are in related niches, like dog food, cat food, and so forth.


As proper links are associated with your main website or blog, your site appears more legit and very credible. This then gives you credibility and your website obtain very high rankings in search engine pages.


The idea behind building a private blog network is, it is much cheaper to generate traffic using PBNs as compared to backlinks. Guest posts, for example, can cost hundreds of dollars for a single link. Whereas a PBN is as little as $69.00, and you can use your site (and we encourage you to) sell your own guest posts once you’ve promoted your primary website (money site).

Why do people use private blog networks?

Backlinks are very relevant in terms of traffic generation. However, just like any other organic links, backlinks take a lot of time to yield the preferred results, which is often generating more traffic to your blog or website.

You need really great content to start thinking of backlinks. You also need to have some connections, relationships with other bloggers and so on. All this takes too much time and need expert help which of course doesn’t come cheap.

PBNs see past earning links and allow you to manipulate other website and gain the traffic you desire from those websites.

Since PBNs involves you having multiple websites, you already have a wide audience to share your content with.

You simply fool the search engine into ranking your content highly regardless of its worth since you have traffic, coming from multiple phony websites.

PBNs gives you an open opportunity to edit your links, so that the anchor text is highly optimized hence ensuring relevance of the link.

Therefore, the need to gain more traffic quickly can result into creation of PBNs, which can help improve your rankings in search engines, at least temporarily (If you do not follow SEO guidelines).

You do not need to create your own Private blog network as there are established –done- for- your private blog services.

How important are PBN and what do they mean for SEO?

Private blog services work with various websites to create links that are used by a particular central website.

links created from these websites create a wave of exchange, between a private blog network, and the other websites. This in turn increases the traffic to that private blog network which increases its ranking in search Engines.

Google penalties come when Google notices that the private blog network used some unethical methods to gain the high rankings.

Google will penalize you and also, make sure that your rankings are completely eradicated. This builds a bad reputation for your website and ultimately result to loss of revenue.

Where can you buy domain for your
Private Blog Network?

How to set up Your PBN.

By now you already know the power of PBN as a powerful SEO influencer tool. However, there are certain rules and standards that should be followed, to avoid penalties from search engines.

Such include the test of manual inspection and that is why you have to work with experts in PBN building to avoid penalties that come when you cross certain lines.

This can be achieved by having various logos and headers for each of your PBN websites. This will be combined with various banners and RSS which will make your site appear original and authentic.

Unique and original content is key. Google always finds a way of penalizing duplicate content and that is why, each of You PBN need to have original content, that is free from plagiarism or copy and paste.

Words of Content

Your PBNs also need other additional pages that speaks out for themselves. On those additional pages, information such as your contact or privacy policies are included. This improves the credibility of each one of your sites, and is appealing to google and the public.

Custom Logo and Graphics

Images and other visual aids are an important part of blogs and private network websites. However, you need unique images with copyright or which are copyright-free.

Images and videos make your content more appealing and you will avoid use of excess wording which can be boring to readers.

Security Plugins

Your sites need specific themes. Remember that you are trying to make your private blog networks as original and appealing as possible. That is why we help you come up with different themes to match your content in your various sites. We will help you in hosting your PBN through our various hosting agencies.

Backlinks and how they relate to PBN

Ranking of a website is proportional to its backlinks. This means that, the more links your website has, the more traffic it gets, and the more traffic a website or blog has, the higher it is ranked in search engines such as Google.

Backlinks are like a road sign, they tell you where to go and for this case, backlinks direct an external page to your website in a more direct approach.

When these backlinks come from trusted sites, your SEO is highly improved since google will be like, ‘’This looks legit’’

Backlinks from credible sources pass a clear message to the search engine that you are using, it says that your website can be trusted since it is linked with other credible domains.

That is why Google prefers backlinks to PBN, which are seen as a rather deceiving and a shortcut to gaining more traffic.

When a user searches a keyword in a search engine, the search engine will display results based on the fact; who is more trusted and who has more traffic. That is why many people prefer taking shortcut to gain a lot of traffic in order to improve their rankings.

Traffic can easily be built by having relevant backlinks. However, this does not rule out the relevant of building your own private blog network.

A report once established the necessity of backlinks, in it was a line that read, “21% of Google’ s ranking algorithm depends online authority features, or the number of links to a domain and the quality of those links, and 19%depends on the page-level link features, or the number of link s to a specific page’’

The upside of buying or building private network websites is the fact that, PBN offers you an opportunity to have command in search engines by having more traffic, by simply buying and having credible domains and creating links from them.

What do Private Blog Networks do?

Before deciding to build a private blog network, it is adamant that you understand what PBNs really do. Think of a private blog as a database of certain websites, and all these websites are constantly providing backlinks to one primary site.

To create a private blog network, you need to buy a number of expired domain names, which have a command online(Authority).

After that, you will use those domains to create a number of blogs, each varying depending with your preferred niche with backlinks that related directly to your main website.

This sounds so juicy on paper, but be aware that running Private blog networks is a risky endeavor.

In simple terms, PBNs manipulate your rankings in a certain search engine such as Google hence increasing traffic to your website.

This does not sound like something Google would allow, and that is why recently, in a move called private network purge, Google has been filtering PBNS and eliminating them instantly, especially those playing outside the regulations and preferred guidelines.

Many websites have been affected due to the private network purge, some reporting ridiculous drop in traffic and subsequently, drop in revenue.

How to create a blog post without leaving footprints.

For you to build an effective private blog network, you need to cover your trucks. Here is how to do that.

It is better to use virtual private server to help you in hosting your private blog network. Your IP address will not be exposed.

Use different accounts to manage your accounts.

To sum up

Private Blog Networks are relevant when it comes to improving traffic to your website or blog. You can create your own PBN or seek help from Do-For-You PBN service providers.

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